Elementary Principal - Sunshine Coast

I was pleased with the approach Tiana used when she met with the parents at our school: she was able to create a welcoming and open space that quickly put people at ease. I was most impressed by the respectful way she accepted questions and comments after her presentation. The feedback I received was all positive.

- Jeff

(Elementary School Principal in Sunshine Coast)

Safehouse Manager - Vancouver

Tiana gave the organization I work for a great presentation regarding youth who are sexually exploited. This presentation was informative, relevant and used current information that we were able to apply to our everyday Youth care practice! Tiana handled the sensitive topic around Sexual Exploitation in a highly professional and youth centred way. 

- Michael 

(Youth Safe House Manager in East Vancouver)

Support Worker - Vancouver

Tiana is an amazing communicator and inspiring speaker. I am inspired by her passion and appreciative of her knowledge around exploitation and trafficking. Tiana brought a well rounded presentation that provided new ideas and information to a mixed audience, those who work at the prevention stage and those working with victims. As a community victim support worker I am cognizant of the many layers to the issue of exploitation and was very impressed by Tiana's ability to take those layers and make them visible. She provides reliable and concrete direction for front line workers, teachers and community stakeholders and would be a most valuable asset for agencies who are looking to provide updated information, education and training on sexual exploitation. 

- Brenda 

(Community Support Worker)

Secondary School Student - Coquitlam

Thank you for presenting to my class! I learnt a lot about sexual exploitation and what it is. I learnt that sexual exploitation happens in my school and how I can keep myself and my friends safe... I wish the presentation was longer!

- Grade 12 

Secondary School Student in Coquitlam

Mentoring Coordinator - Vancouver

I truly enjoyed your presentation and took home with me a lot of information. It was definitely impactful.

- Coordinator

(Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver)

Youth and Wellness Centre Coordinator- Bella Bella

 The fact that you tailored the presentations to our groups in Bella Bella is one of the reasons your visit was so successful.

We found the workshop for staff and front line workers particularly helpful this year.  It was an opportunity to meeting with all the staff and discuss problems that we all have and all worry about, this time of training gives us a chance to focus and work as a team.  Thank you again for all your support.


(Youth Coordinator and Community Wellness Team Leader)