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Social Media: The Internet, The Predator, And You

  • Online sexual exploitation: Facts and trends
  • The 3 types of online predators and their grooming tactics online
  • Recent online exploitation trends in luring youth
  • What makes an app more dangerous
  • Sexting and sextortion- how to protect yourself
  • Online permanency and peer responsibility

Social Justice Class

  • What is human trafficking and what does it look like in Canada
  • Canadian and local stories of pimps- the main trafficker
  • Barriers to victims of this crime
  • Online recruitment into sexual exploitation by exploiters
  • How our society promotes sex slavery: pornography, sugar daddy relationships, escorting
  • Sextortion, sexting, and youth luring

Empowering Healthy Relationships

  • An overview of sexual exploitation 
  • 5 warning signs of an unhealthy and exploitative relationship
  • 3 types of exploiters: peers, sexual predators, pimps and how they each engage in sexual exploitation
  • Consent- what it is and how to practice it
  • Sexting: the risks, child pornography, and how to protect yourself
  • How online is used for exploitative relationships
  • Gender socialization, positive masculinity, and gender violence

social service providers/ parents/ teachers

Social Service Providers

Many social service providers and front line workers have youth clientele who are being sexually exploited, or at risk. These youth can go under-serviced without the proper training and education on the topic. Our presentation will educate staff on the warning signs of exploited youth, current grooming tactics, recent trends, and relevant legislature and resources to help protect their clients. Staff will also have the chance to create concrete strategies for their own clients and have their personal concerns addressed. 


A parent's goal is the safety and health of their child. This can feel like an impossible feat in a technology heavy and peer reliant world for our children and youth. Learn about the different forms of sexual exploitation, online and in person, alongside practical tips and strategies you can use as a parent to help keep your children and youth safe from all forms of sexual exploitation. Parents will walk away having knowledge on peer related exploitation trends, such as sexting, as well as online exploitation and grooming trends.

Professional Day

Educators and school district staff play a key role in the personal lives and safety of their students. Often times, a student's safety and wellbeing relies on school staff, who come in contact with them daily. Learn about one of the most common and under-discussed youth issues in BC: Sexual Exploitation. Staff will learn about the different forms of sexual exploitation, current trends with the students in their community, the different forms of predators and peer driven exploitation. Staff will walk away with a better understanding of how these issues affect their students and what they can do to help make a difference. 

Conference presentation topics

An Overview

An overview of sexual exploitation in Canada and BC. The overview will touch on topics relating to pimps, recruitment tactics, online exploitation, child sexual abuse images, barriers to exiting, how to support youth victims, and laws related to the issue.

Supporting Victims

A focus on the barriers that victims of sexual exploitation face, important supporting principals, how to support victims through the court process, important laws and tools.

A Focus on Indigenous Populations

A look at why Indigenous populations are over represented with this issue, what places Aboriginal youth at risk of sexual exploitation, and strategies to support at risk youth as well as entrenched youth.

The Modern Day Predator

A look at online and female recruitment trends by looking at root causes, behaviours, and tactics. Includes a discussion regarding internet tactics and how they are developed by exploiters. This presentation is from the perspective of how a predator makes decisions and grooms.

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