youth workshops: interactive discussions, videos, activities

Social Media: The Internet, The Predator, And You

  • Online exploiters and predators and their tactics 
  • How your social media is being used to groom you into sexual exploitation
  • Current online trends with exploitation
  • Sexting and sextortion- how to protect yourself
  • Online permanency 

Social Justice Class

  • What is human trafficking and what does it look like in Canada
  • Pimps- the main human trafficker and case examples
  • Sexual exploitation in our community
  • Laws and barriers to victims of this crime
  • Working towards the elimination of modern day slavery

Empowering Healthy Peer Relationships

  • Sexual exploitation and its many forms
  • Consent in party culture and relationships
  • Sexting: the risks and child pornography charges
  • Toxic masculinity vs positive masculinity: empowering against rape culture
  • Exploiters: pimps and grooming tactics
  • Empowering youth to make healthy choices against transactional relationships

social service providers/ parents/ teachers

Social Service Providers

  • Human Trafficking in Canada
  • Sexual Exploitation overview and how to recognize signs in youth victims
  • Current trends
  • Current exploiter tactics
  • How to support victims
  • Laws and how to navigate them


  • What is sexual exploitation and what does it look like online and amongst peers
  • Current trends with online usage and online predators
  • Current trends in youth led sexual exploitation through peer pressure
  • Sexting and image sharing
  • How parents can help keep their children and youth safe
  • Laws and resources that can help

Educators & Counselors

  • What is sexual exploitation and what does it look like with your youth
  • Current trends with online usage including online predators and peer exploitation online
  • Current trends in youth led sexual exploitation in schools
  • Sexting and image sharing
  • How to support youth who are at risk or experiencing sexual exploitation


Conference presentation topics

An Overview

An overview of sexual exploitation in Canada and BC. The overview will touch on topics relating to pimps, recruitment tactics, online exploitation, child sexual abuse images, barriers to exiting, how to support youth victims, and laws related to the issue.

Supporting Victims

A focus on the barriers that victims of sexual exploitation face, important supporting principals, how to support victims through the court process, important laws and tools.

A Focus on Indigenous Populations

A look at why Indigenous populations are over represented with this issue, what places Aboriginal youth at risk of sexual exploitation, and methods to support at risk youth as well as entrenched youth.

Do you have another area you would like to cover in your conference? Reach out to us and we will tailor our presentation.