Sexual Exploitation Education: Tiana has years of experience handling a variety of disclosures and can assist you with any concerns you may have to a youth who is being sexually exploited or is at risk. Tiana can also refer you to the appropriate resource and guide you through appropriate steps.

1-833-900-1010: The hotline can assist in crisis response, referrals, and tips and is nation wide. : A youth friendly website assisting with peer to peer exploitation and image sharing. : An online platform to report online exploitation or sextortion. A list of great resources regarding sexual exploitation and abuse.

VictimLinkBC : Provides services and referrals for victims of crime in BC.

VPD- Counter Exploitation Unit  

604-717-2586: Responds to community issues with regards to prostitution.

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Age of Protection

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The age of protection is a law that helps keep children and youth safe from sexual relations with predators and exploiters.

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If under the age of 18, sexting is actually referred to as child sexual abuse images by law. 

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Warning Signs of Luring


Exploiters and pimps lure youth by boyfriending or befriending them. Learn about the 5 warning signs of this process.

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