About Us

Tiana Sharifi: Founder

Tiana believes that educating on an individual and institutional level is the key to keeping our children and youth safe from all forms of sexual exploitation.

With her educational background in Psychology and Counselling, Tiana started her career in the field delivering workshops on sexual exploitation to children and youth across B.C. She later went on to work one on one with sexually exploited youth and human trafficking victims on the front line. 

It was through this experience that she came to believe that the key to stopping sexual exploitation is prevention education. 

She ensued prevention work through her position as Program Director at Children of the Street Society where she managed province wide prevention programs, provided a one month comprehensive training to her staff on the issue, and delivered adult presentations and workshops to parents, front line workers, and educators. In addition, Tiana held responsibility for taking disclosures, training staff on handling disclosures, and advising professionals and parents on the right steps to take. 

Tiana's goal is to incorporate the plethora of knowledge and experience she has into her presentations and to ensure that they are engaging, interactive, and innovative.