Sexual Exploitation Education and Consulting ServicesSexual Exploitation Education and Consulting ServicesSexual Exploitation Education and Consulting ServicesSexual Exploitation Education and Consulting Services

Prevention education and training on sexual exploitation and human trafficking in BC and Metro Vancouver. Servicing youth, school districts, and social service providers.

What Makes Us Different?

While other programs hire presenters for to teach educational content, SEE offers an expert who has worked frontline and in prevention to deliver engaging specialized presentations. SEE also provides a unique and holistic approach by providing complimentary consultations with Counsellors, Youth Workers, and Administration following student presentations to address concerns and disclosures. We support after educating!

What We do

Keynote Speaking and Training


With experience speaking to the topic, SEE can speak at your conference or event on a wide range of topics relating to sexual exploitation. Front line staff training can also be provided to social service providers and can be tailored to meet their needs. 

Interactive Educational Presentations


With an interactive and engaging approach, SEE provides innovative workshops tailored to meet your needs. SEE presents to students, teachers, counselors, social service providers, parents, and more. SEE presents at Pro D days, to DPAC parent meetings, and events.



SEE works with school districts, law enforcement agencies, health authorities, app developers, and other to address how sexual exploitation, sextortion, and online exploitation can be prevented and how to serve the needs of children and youth affected by these matters.

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What Is Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation involves someone under the age of 18 exchanging a sexual act for something in return. A sexual act can be exchanged for money, food, shelter, protection, love, acceptance, popularity, and anything else.

Some forms of sexual exploitation:

>pressure to send naked images

>pressure to engage in sexual acts at parties

>forced prostitution by pimps boyfriending or befriending youth

>sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships

>pressure to engage in sexual acts through online predators 

>selling of sex by girlfriends of gang members


Quick Facts About Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is the most common form of human trafficking globally

100,000 to 300,000 children and youth in North America are sexually exploited each year

The average age someone is sexually exploited in Canada is 12-14 years of age

Pimps, who buy and sell people for sex, groom children under the age of 18 by friending or boyfriending them, creating a debt, and forcing them into prostitution

Pimps range from 13-34 years of age in Canada

One-third of sexual offences against children and youth are committed by another youth

Over 90% of grooming into  sexual exploitation happens online

Child sexual abuse images have increased by 233% in the last 10 years

Internet Watch Foundation found that Canada is 3rd globally for hosting child pornography on the internet


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